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hojas verdes en verde


Fruta banano agrotes.jpg

Premium Fruit

 Net weight: 18.14 kg ( 40 lb)

48 boxes / pallet

54 boxes / pallet


Premium fruit – Extra Weight

 Net Weight: 19.5 kg ( 43 lb)

48 boxes / pallet

54 boxes / pallet


Short - Premium fruit

Net weight: 18.14 kg ( 40 lb)

48 boxes / pallet


Small premium fruit

 Net weight: 15 kg ( 33 lb)

50 boxes / pallet


Premium fruit whole hand: 10 CP, 8H, 6H

 Net weight: 13.5 kg ( 30 lb)

60 boxes / pallet


Small premium fruit whole hand ( 10H )

Net weight: 13.5 kg ( 30 lb)

60 boxes / pallet

Korean 10CP 10 Cluster

Hojas de banana


Currently, Agrotes SAS exports bananas produced of the best quality and this fruit is marketed through important international brands in countries such as the United States of America, USA, and on the European continent to countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, England, Holland. among others.


Currently, the average production of our farms is equivalent to 10,000 boxes per week, distributed in a variety of specifications, among which we can distinguish:

  • Premium.

  • Premium B (Short fruits).

  • Exploitation.

  • Conventional Fairtrade.

AGROTES S.A.S is interested in establishing long-term relationships with buyers and importers, representatives, distributors or potential customers to directly export our bananas to the entire world.


We manage the sale of our fruit left over from the selection result, under different packaging presentations with different quality specifications, allowing us to establish a commercial link that allows greater interaction between the end customer and the producer.


Our brands or types of fruit are:


  • Agrotes.

  • Agrotes Premium.

  • Agrotes Short.

  • Agrotes DS. (loose finger)

  • Productos.

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